BURN – printable pdf (incl. donation to “ende gelände”)


I wrote and drew this piece on one of the many “hottest days of the year” in the summer of 2022. The climate crisis is here, and I believe our best chance at this point is a radical system change, away from capitalism and toward a future that is not focused on eternal economic growth but instead the survival of the planet and the equal distribution of resources among all people.

It seems only right that the biggest part of the profit that comes out of selling this piece as a downloadable “print” should go to an organization that fights to abolish fossil fuels and also wants to see real systemic change. I’ve picked Ende Gelände – you can read about their mission here.

When you buy this print, you can pick your own price.
2.50€ of each sale will go in my pocket to (minimally) acknowledge my time and support my work, the rest will go to Ende Gelände. The minimum price is 7,50€ (2,5 for me, 5 for Ende Gelände).
(I’ll have you know that PayPal always takes a considerable chunk of each payment they process, which I will then take out of the money that I keep, so if you are able and willing, consider paying via bank transfer? If you do this, your download link will be sent to your inbox as soon as I marked it as paid)

You’ll receive a PDF file that can be printed without loss of quality up to size A3 (29,7×42 cm).

This is obviously a trust-based system – I’m well aware that you could technically pass the PDF on, so I’m asking you to please be fair. It is meant to be printed once or twice for your own personal use, you are NOT allowed to edit it, sell it or use it on you website/social media or to make any kind of profit from it. The rights to the artwork remain with me. (You are however very welcome to print it as a sign to take to protest with you – if you do, send me a photo!)